Riley with Glock 21SF Gen 3 MIL-STD 1913 Forty Five Caliber ACP

Riley with Glock 21SF Gen 3 MIL-STD 1913 Forty Five Caliber ACP
Riley with a Glock 21SF Gen 3 which feautures a MIL-STD 1913 rail This is a Forty Five Caliber ACP handgun

Michelle and her 1911s

Michelle and her 1911s
Bigger bullets make bigger holes

Glock Girl - Michelle V.

Glock Girl - Michelle V.
Glock Girl - Michelle V.

Glock Muzzle

Glock Muzzle
Glocks Down the Muzzle View - Can you identify these two Forty Fives?

How to choose a personal defense pistol - Scroll down!

How to choose a personal defense pistol - Scroll down!
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What are Law Enforcement Officials saying about Open Carry?

“I have to admit, initially I was a bit nervous about … the open carry law, but to my surprise, we have not had one single incident as it relates to open-carry.” Vicksburg, MS Police Chief Walter Armstrong, September 16, 2014

“ is a national gun rights networking hub.” The Atlantic, May 10, 2011

“There’s even an organization whose raison d’etre is promotion of open carry . . . These are the shock troops of the gun lobby. And, they are not going away.” Ceasefire NJ Director Brian Miller,, August 20, 2009

“I don’t think legalizing open carry changes much because it’s not . . . concealed carry . . . and frankly given the choice of the two, open carry is probably less dangerous because we know what we’re dealing with.” Overland Park, KS Police Chief John Douglass, September 24, 2012

“In fact, a surprising number of states even allow open carry of handguns without a license. Contrary to the concerns of some opponents of open carry, such measures have not led to wild-West shootouts or other serious consequences.” Tulsa World Editorial Board, February 25, 2012

“Gang members aren’t known to open carry.” San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Sgt. Dave Phelps, San Bernadino Sun, September 6, 2010

“We don’t suggest that people panic, because there hasn’t been a problem with open-carry demonstrations in other cities.” Palo Alto, CA police Lt. Sandra Brown, Mercury News, March 5, 2010

“The anti-gun rights lobby’s furor over the presence of guns near the president . . . is an attempt to somehow reverse the normalization of guns.” Professor Brandon Denning, Cumberland School of Law (Birmingham, AL), Christian Science Monitor, August 8, 2009

Do you practice drawing your Concealed gun?

☆Closing the Distance
Do you practice drawing your gun? Do you practice drawing your Concealed gun?   How much faster can you draw while Open Carrying?
The average, responsible, pistol shooter may find themselves at the range practicing their draw sequence, acquiring the sights, and shooting at a stagnant target, be it  steel or paper.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with this when practicing for repetition and muscle memory, but are you training just to shoot, or are you training for self-defense?  The next time you’re at the range, if you are able, time yourself on how long it takes you to remove the pistol from your holster (concealed and open carry) and engage a target.  Compare your numbers with these statistics.

According to a study conducted by various police departments, the average human reaction time for 17 police officers to mentally justify firing their pistols during a simple decision-making scenario was 0.211 seconds. The same officers in a complex scenario took 0.895 seconds.  In one study 46 police officers who knew they were going to fire their pistols, and it was simply a matter of doing so when they received the signal. This test resulted in an average action time of 0.365 seconds with the officers’ finger already on the trigger.  More recent work by Dr. Bill Lewinski [Ref.6] a law enforcement professor at Minnesota State University tested 101 officers. The average Reaction/Action time of 1.5 seconds is sufficient time for an attacker to close a reactionary gap of 7 meters (22.96 feet).

Time to Draw (a pistol) from a Holster 1.19 seconds
Time to Raise (a pistol) and Fire 0.59 seconds
Time to Run 15 feet 1.28 seconds

And a valid point for larger rounds
Shot Placement Repeat
Although the assailant was hit in his chest, “center mass”, he was still able to move around, shoot, and drive a few miles away before dying.  According to a medical doctor specializing in gun shot wounds, you have an 85 percent chance of surviving!  Just ask Kenny Vaughan from North Carolina, who was shot about 20 times with a rifle that was only 5 feet away and lived!  I always preach that it’s not going to take a magical one or two shots to center mass to put an attacker down.  It may take three, four, or five. Shoot “repeatedly” until the target is down, using the same reference point of aim.

Moving Targets
As we all know, shooting a moving target is fairly difficult, especially if your range does not allow you to do so.  For those who know a little about moving targets, such as snipers, we know to aim in front of the target (Lead), when it comes to combative pistol engagements within 25 yards, the rule need not apply.  Whenever I teach a combat pistol class, I try to incorporate a moving human size silhouette, moving lateral at a fast pace walk.  Nine times out of ten, the student aims in front of the target and forcibly rushes their shots resulting in a miss.  The key to hitting a moving target, within a combat pistol range, is to simply aim at what you want to hit, focus on the front sight, and squeeze.

Adrenaline is something we cannot avoid in a high threat situation, especially in a gun fight for your life. A good example of this is shown in the video as the assailant presses the magazine release of his pistol and the magazine falls out of the weapon.  This was due to a few things in my opinion, a lack of training (good thing in this situation), muscle tightening from what may have been a bullet striking him or passing near, and overload of adrenaline.  When your body experiences an adrenaline overload, you may experience a few of these symptoms, tunnel vision, audio exclusion, shortness of breath, etc.  There is a simple solution to overcoming the symptoms of adrenaline overload and get you back on top of your game…deep breaths.  Your body needs the extra oxygen to deal with the extra stress. Yes… Just breath!   Writer: AB   Photographer: GS

Introducing Riley our Glock Girl for August

Riley loves the golden sky at dusk and she loves her Glock pistols.   Her photo set is in post-production and her photos will be posted starting today and through the next two weeks.  

All your favorite guns

Gun Photography.  It's what we do.

Becca Cocks a Saiga AK


World Champion Glock Team USA - Michelle Viscusi!

The newest member to TEAM GLOCK!

Glock Team USA - Michelle Viscusi!

From the age of 15, self-proclaimed tomboy Michelle Viscusi wanted to follow in her dad's footsteps and become a cop. 

She joined the Army National Guard right out of high school and is currently a Military Police officer with the Border Patrol. She received all of her weapons training in the military. Michelle is confident that her mastery of the fundamentals will make her a force to be reckoned with on Top Shot. 

When she’s not securing the border, Michelle works as a model for a weapons accessories company. With no shortage of determination, Michelle says she'll win Top Shot because of her "confidence and accuracy in shooting."

Glock Girl - Candy Keane

I am part of Glock history! A friend was reading a book called "Glock - the  Rise of America's Gun" and he ran across me in a paragraph that reads "Curvaceous pin-up model Candy Keane grips a Glock in online lingerie photos." Technically I am NOT in lingerie in any of the photos. I was modeling for a Glock website and am wearing everything from the outfit here to a full pants suit. This was during a brief couple months I tried a darker hair color.  --Candy


Glock Twenty One - Power and Beauty

(Above) Two Glock 21SF Generation Three handguns and a Hornady Critical Defense 45 Caliber Hollow Point Cartridge


Glock 36 - Ready Low Position

Glock Shots - July

Home defense

Home defense
She will not be the victim of a home invasion.

Shooting the Glock 21

Shooting the Panther .308

The sights of the M-110 chambered for .308

The sights of the M-110 chambered for .308
The sights of the Panther .308 AR-110

Gnome with a Semi Automatic Rifle (AR)

"Semi Automatic Rifles are the last defense against tyranny" -- Ice T